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SaaS-based LNP management solutions for carriers and enterprise businessess. SaaS-based LNP management solutions for carriers and enterprise businessess.
Telecom solutions for carriers, service providers and enterprise business

Simplifying number management for the telecom industry by providing freedom of choice, control, and real-time access to authoritative data, through our trusted SaaS solutions.

For 28 years we have been at the forefront of developing carrier-neutral solutions that simplify the industry and allow enterprise businesses to gain complete control of their numbering assets. 

Just some of the clients who have helped us simplify local number porting for an industry.

  • TrueCNAM

We Know You Want A Simple LNP Process — Because We Listen!

  • The Problem:

    The process for traditional local number porting is complicated and it slows you down. Legacy solutions are time-consuming, outdated and cost too much. They require an enormous amount of resources that leave both you and your customers frustrated. 

  • The Solution:

    PortControl was created with these challenges in mind. The ONE platform that makes local number porting and management simple, fast, secure, and reliable.
    With, you are partnering with a 24/7/365 world-class customer support team and senior product specialists—based in the USA—who are always there when you need them.
    We are your industry advocate with a 25+ year reputation built on your trust. The products, services, and solutions we provide create unity and level the playing field. We are proud to be carrier-neutral thought leaders and pioneers of modern solutions built with our customers and their customers needs in mind.

Our People Make The Difference

We understand that customers have a choice with whom they do business with, and we strive to deliver a world class customer experience in every interaction.

We recognize our relationship with our customers is a partnership. As a partner, we strive to provide easy to use, innovative, high quality products and services at a fair price, best fitting the customer needs.

We seek to support suppliers that are dedicated to the same level of products and services we to deliver.

Our objective is the success of the partnership, with our customers and our business partners, which leads to OUR success, as we relentlessly strive for extraordinary outcomes.

    Simple solutions to complex number management problems

    We exist in a purpose-built competitive industry limited by regulatory oversight burdened with political constraints. There is a lack of focus and interest in the coopetition required to deliver the end-to-end solution capable of fulfilling the desired outcome the FCC has set out to create.
    The STIR/SHAKEN initiative began almost 20 years ago, and the resolution becomes more complex with time. Without this end-to-end solution, our competitive telecom industry will remain in a state of complacency and the desired goal of a level playing field will fail. While our industry continues to grow and thrive, our competitive landscape becomes dominated by the few who work toward building their private ecosystem that becomes their competitive advantage; our purpose-built competitive industry will suffer as a result.