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PortControl from PortControl from — LNP The Way It Should Be

Carrrier-Neutral, SaaS Based LNP Solutionns for Business.

At, Our Mission is Simple

We know you want a simple process to port your local numbers. The problem is the process for traditional local number porting is complicated and slows you down. It’s time-consuming and requires enormous resources and high operational costs that leave both you and your customers frustrated. 

We believe you shouldn’t be struggling with technology in the modern age we live in. 

PortControl was created with these challenges in mind. The ONE platform that makes local number porting and management simple, fast, secure, and reliable.  

With ATL, you are partnering with a 24/7/365 world-class customer support team and senior product specialists—based in the USA—who are always there when you need them. We are your industry advocate with a 25+ year reputation built on trust. 

In a purpose-built competitive industry, the products, services, and solutions we provide level the playing field. We are proud to be carrier-neutral thought leaders and pioneers of modern solutions built with our customers and our customers’ customers in mind.

Don’t settle for complicated solutions that slow you down or try to fix the problem by adding more people. Start using a frictionless local number porting solution that empowers your business for the modern, dynamic world we live in.

What Makes Different?

For over 100 years, the telecommunications industry was united under a single carrier. Known as Ma Bell, the Bell System, or AT&T, a monopoly had been created for phone service. In 1984, AT&T was divested into 7 Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs) to ensure that competition and a level playing field could thrive.

The seven RBOCs controlled the circulation and distribution of all telephone numbers in their respective territories. The divestiture brought a separation… a competitive divide in our industry that has not been sewn back together. Carriers, telecom service providers, resellers, and consultants have risen and fallen leaving a wake of new technology that further separates and divides us. Each participant in our industry is a piece disconnected from the whole, a piece vying to be connected to a single source of truth. seeks to be the glue to reconnect our industry participants to singularity through transparency, centralization, and standardization. We’re innovators. We challenge traditional thinking, uncovering new possibilities that positively impact and unite our industry. With a focus on automation, standardization, innovation, and the simplification of complex processes, creates and advocates for the necessary change that will propel telecom forward – inspiring carriers to collaborate

Solutions That Simplify Complex Workflows Associated with Legacy LNP & Number Management Processes

PortControl, by, can simplify your local number porting process in five important ways, short, with today’s technology, porting a phone number doesn’t need to be a struggle. It should be simple. has developed PortControl from the feedback of hundreds of porting experts to provide a smart, easy-to-use, SaaS platform for local number porting, that removes complexity and frustration.

Download our helpful guide now and ditch outdated local number porting processes that are slowing you down & frustrating your teams ability to be effective. 

5 Ways to simplify LNP