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What problems do small telecom companies have when it comes to local number porting?

Small telecom companies may face various problems and concerns related to local number porting, such as:

  • Technical issues: There may be technical difficulties in transferring numbers between different telecommunication networks.
    • With PortControl, any technical issues are handled on the back end by CS, eliminating the need to utilize small company resources or need for knowledge in all carrier portals.
  • Regulatory compliance: The companies need to comply with the rules and regulations set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and other regulatory bodies.
    • PortControl manages this for you so that small companies don’t have to have all employees trained.
  • Cost: Porting numbers can be expensive, and small telecom companies may have limited resources to invest in the process.
  • Timing: The porting process can take several days or even weeks to complete, causing inconvenience to customers.
    • PortControl updates you each step of the way, so you don’t have to look up port status in multiple carrier portals.
  • Customer service: The companies need to ensure that their customer service teams are trained to handle local number porting requests and provide accurate information to customers.
    • It is easy to be frustrated when things don’t flow smoothly, so good customer service to the end user and dealing with the carriers is a MUST.  The US-Based Customer Service Team at delivers a 99% customer satisfaction rating.
  • Competition: The number porting process may attract new customers to competitors, leading to loss of business for small telecom companies.
    • This is an ongoing industry wide concern among carriers – the reality is that customers have the freedom to move numbers and while we can’t stop them from leaving or encourage them to go with a carrier, PortControl can make the experience a lot easier for everyone involved.  

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