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SaaS based LNP management solutions for business SaaS based LNP management solutions for business
Our mission – The simplification of Local Number Porting & Number Management

Discover Decentralized Local Number Porting Communities Empowered by YOU

Staying on top of telecom trends in this complex, competitive industry is challenging – but it doesn’t have to be.

We deliver carrier-neutral industry solutions that are built for everyone. Our products, people, and carrier-neutral business model exist to level the playing field and empower your business in our modern, dynamic.

For over 25 years, we have built our reputation on trust. Our measurement of success is simple: your absolute confidence in managing your numbers.

Pick a Time. Share Your Experiences. Simplify Porting for Everyone.

Your Voice matters!

We realize simplification cannot be achieved without you. Our journey becomes brighter with the voice of every new customer who joins us in making their mission our mission, the simplification of Local Number Porting, and Number Management.

Schedule a time to talk with a team member and become part of the solution!

Learn How PortControl Can Save You Time & Money!

  • Manage your numbers with confidence.

  • Simple solutions to complex number management problems.

  • Carrier-neutral solutions empowered by choice.

  • Empower your business in our modern, dynamic world.

At, we are dedicated to Simplifying LNP for local number porting teams and Streamlining LNP Business Productivity across the industry.

  • TrueCNAM

We know how frustrating and cumbersome traditional porting is. That’s why porting teams love our software.