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Cutting Edge Solution | Local Number Porting

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Cutting Edge Solution | Local Number Porting


Local Number Porting is a complicated process full of the risk of human error, but vital to customer retention and support. With no real solution in sight, ATL Communications decided to change that. Gone are the days when you have to self-monitor your number porting processes. There is an alternative local number porting solution that addresses the pain points that have been avoided for over a decade.

After more than 10 years of stagnancy in Local Number Porting applications, ATL Communications has launched a product that consolidates, automates, and streamlines the LNP process in a browser-agnostic application. Coupled with a fully developed API, PortingPro disrupts the local porting world and puts ATL on the map for innovative, next-level solutions.

Benefits of PortingPro:

  • Significantly reduce human error with automated workflows that walk you through the porting process and provide checks and balances that significantly reduce bad data entries
  • Allow your team to work cohesively on multiple ports when the next step in the process is clearly identified on our dashboard
  • Allow cut and paste bulk port entries no matter which region the port is required in, no separations of regions per port required
  • Increase productivity by more than 25%
  • Match the port work orders to your specific needs with our flexible work order naming convention
  • Allow multiple SPID administration from a single interface
  • Significantly reduce training time for your team in the unfortunate circumstance one would move on, be let go, or enter into extended FMLA
  • Make your IT Department very happy! Browser supported, no VPN dongles or special programs to run in the background that need to be constantly updated
  • Provide management with vital reports that help your team perform at its best and ensure your customers get their ports administered in the fastest possible timeframe
  • Optional full API integration to your currently deployed back office systems
  • Save your business significant time, resources, and money with the lowest cost and highest quality Local Number Porting solution that’s ever been developed

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