Skip to main content launches all-in-one number porting platform and APIs launches all-in-one number porting platform and APIs, the leading independent provider of carrier-grade number management solutions, today announced the release of PortControl, the newest API-centric, cloud-based platform to assist carriers with local number porting (LNP) and number management.

Unlike legacy number porting solutions, which only address specific parts of the LNP process and often require businesses to subscribe to numerous products, PortControl offers one platform that allows carriers to:

  • Explore and query real-time local and toll-free number information
  • Access contact and trading partner profile (TPP) data for both SPIDs and RespOrgs
  • Easily manage their network and determine number portability with one-click
  • Have LRNs auto-assigned when building NPAC records, using an Order-based workflow
  • Subscribe to LSMS updates and have them pushed to your local database in real-time

“Our goal is to help our customers unlock the power of simple, cloud-based number management solutions in a cost-effective, reliable way,” said Alex Eastwood, Product Owner at “Our continued releases throughout 2020 will help not only our customers, but carriers across the industry modernize and streamline their local number porting processes to the benefit of our collective industry ecosystem. We believe that PortControl will unite carriers — allowing them to seamlessly exchange numbers with one another, effectively reducing porting time and complexity for both their business and the end-user.”

PortControl’s API-based capabilities automatically identify the gaining carrier’s supporting LRNs, as well the SPIIDs of the losing carrier(s). This allows users to create requests with multiple telecom carriers in a single transaction and ensures that any porting-related data is accurate and reduces the potential for errors — improving the customer’s experience as they transition to the winning carrier’s network.

In addition, will be adding support for customer service record (CSR) and local service request (LSR) management in PortControl starting in Q2 of this year. Wireline number porting continues to pose a challenge to telecommunications providers as they grow and scale to meet customer demand, due primarily to the fact that many carrier-specific systems have not been updated in over a decade. As a result, porting teams are forced to grow linearly, as the manual labor associated with LNP never changes. By automating the CSR/LSR process and accessing free APIs, carriers will be able to integrate into the PortControl ecosystem and manage the entire number porting process from start to finish.

“Many of our customers rely on because of our unique combination of global telecom knowledge and software expertise which provide added flexibility without increasing internal operational spend or development,” Alex added. “We will continue to innovate new ways to help the industry automate and control their phone numbers while replacing antiquated methods of exchanging data — like emailing an LSR.” is currently accepting live demonstrations of its PortControl product and is offering a free trial for a limited time to new carriers looking to modernize their porting process. For more information, visit:

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