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What’s New in PortControl: ATL Managed PreOrders, Bulk Uploads, and a Global Dashboard View

At ATL Communications, we’re committed to making PortControl the best platform for local number porting. With a dedication to continuous improvement, here are the latest features we’ve developed to make local number porting faster, easier, and more organized. 

1. Announcing ATL Managed PreOrders

An example of an ATL Managed PreOrder in PortControl

Want to cut down on the hassle of porting numbers? Eliminate the most complicated part of your process by letting our porting experts manage preorders for you! We’ll fully manage the CSR and LSR process up to FOC, setting you up to do your porting. Once enabled, you’ll be able to save time and review the status of your orders in one place, without having to log in and out of multiple carrier portals. PortControl customers can take advantage of this option on their account by scheduling a brief walkthrough with our Customer Success Team.

If you’re not a PortControl customer yet, schedule a discovery call with us to learn more about ATL Managed PreOrders.

2. Create Multiple PreOrders & Orders Faster with Bulk Upload

An example of multiple order tabs created from a bulk upload in PortControl

Our new bulk upload template will help you create multiple preorders and orders faster, instead of entering them one at a time. With Bulk Upload, you can input all your data at once, and we’ll take care of the rest. PortControl will automatically create and populate your order cards with the information you provided, call out any errors that need correction, and allow you to complete your requests when you see fit. Visit our Knowledge Base to learn more about our bulk upload functionality: Performing a Bulk Upload »

3. View All Orders in a Global Dashboard

An example of the customizable settings for the global dashboard view in PortControl

Now you can view all your orders in one easy-to-view dashboard, no matter how many SPIDs you’re managing. With customizable dashboard view settings, you can filter to view all orders on one or more of your SPIDs. To learn how you can see all your orders in one global dashboard view, visit our Knowledge Base: Global Orders Dashboard View » 

We hope you enjoy using these new PortControl features! You can review the notes from all of our product releases right here in our Knowledge Base

About PortControl:

At ATL Communications, we know you want a simple process to port your local numbers. The problem is that traditional local number porting is complicated and slows you down. It’s time-consuming and requires enormous resources and high operational costs that leave both you and your customers frustrated.

PortControl was created with these challenges in mind. We’ve created one platform where your local number porting and management is simple, fast, secure, and reliable.

Plus, we provide 24/7/365 world-class customer support from a team of senior product specialists—based in the USA—who are always there when you need them. 

To see PortControl in action, schedule a discovery call today.

Schedule a demo of PortControl with a Local Number Porting professional today!