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Local Number Porting Simplified

PortControl – The SaaS Based Solution That Simplifies Local Number Porting

We make local number porting (LNP) easy, secure, collaborative and cost effective. Why struggle with outdated LNP processes & procedures? Try PortControl today & simplify LNP for your business once and for all.

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PortControl – Local Number Porting Simplified

  • Geo Redundant Carrier Grade Soltiuons
  • 24×7 Allways-On Access
  • Open & Transparent
  • We Listen To Our Client, The Industry & Our People

PortControl was specifically developed to improve the way your Local Number Porting business works and is backed by our uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction and success – no exceptions. Not ever!

We include the same SaaS based front-end, customer support and powerful workflows in every edition of PortControl from “Starter”-to-“Enterprise” you have every feature you need to collaborate effectively,  simplify work flows and improve  business efficiency.

Our powerful PortControl API’s are included in the “Pro”, “Enterprise” and “Enterprise Plus” editions for custom application development allowing an even tighter integration into your business processes.

By leveraging the power and capability of collaboration technology platforms, we create virtual business ecosystems that promote consumer empowerment and ease of use in their dynamic modern world.  

PortControl Features & Benefits Overview

Don’t settle for complicated solutions that slow you down, or try to fix the problem by adding more people. Start using a frictionless local number porting solution that empowers your business for the modern, dynamic world we live in.
Manage & Control Your Local Numbers

Manage a collaborative porting experience on one platform. Essential data collection and updating, accurate number information lookup with history, customer service request (CSR), local service request (LSR), and SOA order entry, FOC, easy activation, and, in some cases, even switch provisioning helps to ensure a unified porting experience.

Lower costs associated with porting numbers

Manual, repetitive tasks are often associated with increased operating costs, decreased profit, errors from human intervention, high employee turnover rate, employee friction and customer churn. One answer to this is APIs. These interfaces enable companies to automate these repetitive tasks by integrating their programs and databases with current industry applications. APIs ensure smooth, accurate, reliable and continuous communication with a company’s existing back-office technology

Modernize your LNP department

PortControl simplifies the CSR and LSR process by allowing users to ditch the email address and work LSRs in a system that integrates directly into the Orders Dashboard. By automating the email sending process with your trading partners that may not have port-out portals, and by tracking the results in your aggregated, collaborative Orders Dashboard, you can maintain full visibility of pending port-in and port-out orders within an easy-to-understand interface. Once orders are created, you can assign users specific tasks on a per-order basis. This gives departmental leads the ability to track team progress and ensure an optimized, excellent onboarding experience for new customers and a seamless and satisfying day-to-day porting routine for employees.

Access portability and number ownership data

The PortControl Number Explore tool pulls real-time phone number data from SOMOS, NPAC, PA and NANPA. Providing the following views: LATA, region, CNAM, current SPID, LRN, DPC/SSN information, last modification date, current operator name, status, and over a decade of telephone number ownership data.

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PortControl is a new solution developed to precisely address this need for this new time, as detailed in the five ways above. PortControl offers a frictionless, end-to-end porting experience with an easy-to-use interface and set of tools based on the feedback of hundreds of porting experts. Ultimately, this solution simplifies the burdensome but necessary processes of local number porting to allow carriers and service providers to improve customer service, eliminate tedious steps, save time, and create a happier workplace.

Why Is Your Business Still Suffering Through Slow & Outdated Solutions in Your Local Number Porting Process?

PortControl — Available Add-On’s & Professional Service Offerings

Along with our great product offerings we also offer the following PortControl add-on’s and professional service offerings to help ensure you have the right solution for the way and your team work.


Process up to 10,000 TNS in a single order in PortControl, or let us do your (10k+)MUMPs with NPAC for you.




PortControl is so easy that we only require 1 hour of training.

SYN – LRN Dipping

Real-time SV LRN dipping

Fallout Management

Let ATLs world class customer support handle all your porting fall-out.

TPP Administration

ATL will work with the carrier to ensure the proper agreements are in place to complete the port.


Explore will display the LSMS and geographical data in a consumable fashion as well as 10+ years of porting history on all telephone numbers.



NEW! Enhanced CNAM  Support Simplified

PortControl developed to simplify local number porting for an industry now includes Enhanced CNAM control – enabling LNP teams to easily manage CNAM data with total confidence.

Enhanced API’s

Proven API’s enable easy integration with your existing workflow

Authoritative Data

Easily access advanced information about the numbers you’re trying to port in or out

Revenue Generating

Earn money on the data you already have & more on new data as you acquire it.

Secure Platform

SaaS based API’s with redundant data-sources.

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Your Voice matters! We realize simplification cannot be achieved without you. Our journey becomes brighter with the voice of every new customer who joins us in making their mission our mission, the simplification of Local Number Porting, and Number Management. Schedule a time to talk with a Porting.com team member and become part of the solution!

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  • Manage your numbers with confidence

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  • Empower your business in the modern, dynamic world you live in


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