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PortControl Features

Explore – “Like Google”

for your Local Number Lookups

Query your authoritative NPAC SPID and Alt-SPID to validate your inventory. Enhanced services include reports, updates and status of DNO, CNAM, brand Identity, fraud score and mitigation.

Get the ownership data behind your port-in requests, so you can process orders faster and easier than ever before.

PortControl Explore is the only tool on the market that can query both local and toll-free numbering data in one search box.

Pull near real-time phone number data from SOMOS, NPAC, the PA, and NANPA.
View LATA, region, CNAM, current SPID/RespOrg, LRN, DPC/SSN information, last modification date, current operator name, status, and over a decade of telephone number ownership – just to name a few!

Within an elegant UI, PortControl Explore tells a story about phone numbers. At a glance, the information you need is presented to you without the hassle of sifting through lines and lines of data. We make it easy – removing the complexities and hurdles, breaking down the process of number querying to its most simple form, while expanding and improving upon the functionality that is offered on the market today.

Explore Features & Benefits

  • One search delivers toll-free number data from SOMOS and local number data from NANPA and NPAC, in one platform.

  • View LATA, Region, Current SPID/RespOrg, LRN, DPC/SSN information and more, at a quick glance.

  • View CNAM data for both local and toll-free numbers, in addition to basic information.

  • Over a decade of local and toll-free number porting history at your fingertips.

  • Full suite of APIs for back-office integrations.

  • Local number trading partner directory for service providers across the industry.

  • Reduce order rejections (fallout).

  • Thousands of lookups for free when combined with PortControl Orders.

Available LNP Data in PortControl Explore

  • SPID
  • LRN
  • User Location Type
  • Class DPC
  • Alt Spid
  • Alt Billing ID
  • Alt User Location Value
  • Project ID
  • SV Type
  • Billing ID
  • User Location Value
  • Class SSN
  • Last Alt Spid
  • Alt User Location Type
  • Voice URI

How do I query and update the CNAM record for a local telephone number?

The Powerful Explore tool in PortControl makes it easy.

Simply enter the local numbers or a list of local numbers that you’d like to look up, and PortControl will access the stored records for the number(s) and return the results through the Explore interface. You can then explore the stored data on each number, if the numbers are on your Spid. Then you can select and modify the records including CNAM information with our easy-to-use portal.