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Network – Gives you powerful insight and control over the numbers that matter to you

Find the specific local number information you need in an instant with our SaaS based PortControl LNP Portal and powerful number lookup solution.

PortControl Network makes it simple to navigate all local numbers

Easily query any Service Provider ID (SPID), RespOrg ID, code (NPA-NXX), block (NPA-NXX-X), or LRN and receive near real-time data in return. PortControl Network makes it simple to navigate all local numbers and view all “contaminated” (ported) numbers within a block, or view all ported numbers belonging to a specific LRN, with the ability to download reports with ease from one interface.

In addition, with Orders you can create, modify, and delete NPA-NXXs, NPBs, and LRNs directly with NPAC, as well as create Network profiles that will be automatically applied to any local number ports you create within PortControl.

Network Features & Benefits

  • Query Service Provider ID (SPID) and get CSR/LSR submission locations and processing times through our crowdsourced trading partner directory

  • Query RespOrg ID and receive RespOrg contact and RespOrg Change (ROC) submission information

  • View NPA-NXX information, including assigned dates, operating SPIDs, and LATA information

  • View Block information, including all contaminated (ported) numbers within the block

  • View an LRN and see all NPAC records associated with that LRN for quick disaster recovery or updates

  • Create blocks, NPA-NXXs, and LRNs directly with NPAC

  • Create network profiles that are automatically assigned when you create subscription versions (SVs) with NPAC

  • API-first development philosophy to automate every feature and function available within PortControl

How do I determine if a number or a range of numbers is “contaminated”?

The Network tool in PortControl makes it simple to query and view block information, including all contaminated (ported) numbers within the block. You can also create blocks, NPA-NXXs, and LRNs directly with NPAC. Network, provides power and convenience by not only giving you the ability to gain valuable insights on the numbers your porting but saves time with its powerful profile feature that stores commonly used information in your profile eliminating many repetitive data entry steps.

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