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PortControl Features

ORDERS – Fully certified NPAC SOA & the smartest porting solution you’ll ever use.

ONE API-driven SaaS platform, with an intuitive dashboard that inspires collaboration, reduces repetitive processes, and unites an industry on our mission to simplify local number porting.

Manage orders with complete confidence in ONE simple solution that’s fully backed by the best client success team in the industry.

PortControl Orders is a fully certified NPAC SOA which allows carriers to create and modify subscription version (SV) records within the NPAC database. Whether you are creating a port-in or a port-out, or even a disconnect request, PortControl Orders allows you to manage both individual numbers or groups of numbers all at once, from one unified interface.

Orders is smart. With the ability to create profiles based on your selected SPID, PortControl will automatically enter the information it knows, through dipping the LSMS, and apply it to every SV you create, eliminating the repetitive form-filling of legacy systems.

The sleek and elegant PortControl Orders UI is made with simplicity in mind. Porting a number shouldn’t be difficult, so we’ve removed the complexity through automation and innovation. We understand number portability and we listen to our customers in order to develop features that save time, money, and valuable resources.

Explore Features & Benefits

  • One platform, one login, one browser tab, one invoice, and one support call for everything LNP.

  • The intuitive, order-based Dashboard uses color to tell a story about your numbers, simplifying LNP and improving efficiency.

  • Audit other provider LSMS systems to ensure valid routing information is being broadcasted.

  • Drag and drop files, and take bulk actions on large groups of numbers, using our simple Order-focused system.

  • Replace the traditional MUMPs process with a modern, streamlined, easy-to-navigate UI.

  • Intra-SPID port functionality included at no extra charge.

  • API-first development philosophy ensures a robust and complete set of APIs – at no extra charge.

  • Protect your numbers with our exclusive ‘Blacklist’ feature.

How do I….. “port a number into my SPID”, ” block a carrier from porting one of my numbers that has not been authorized”, “change an LRN on one of my numbers”, “activate a TN that I am porting to my SPID”, “disconnect a TN and return to the original block holder”…

Signed, Every LTI Customer, EVER!

We know you have questions and that’s why we have the best client success team in the industry…

The confidence-inspiring  Orders feature in PortControl puts you in complete control of the local number porting process. No more emails, no more back and forth with losing carriers to establish FOC. Orders does it all in ONE easy-to-use, simple-to-understand, SaaS solution that even provides reporting on all of your porting activities.