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Trading Partner Profiles (TPP)

The NEW Trading Partners Profile Dashboard, an exclusive feature of PortControl, provides real-time access to trusted trading partner profiles – Companies that like you are working to simplify an industry.

What is TPP?

PortControl Trading Partner Profiles new inventory feature allows you to keep track of current and future trading partner agreements that your company has in place.

With the statuses feature,  see who you already have an agreement with and who you don’t. You can also see who is automated with-in PortControl for “Touchless PreOrders” which will help you understand how long the PreOrder (CSR/LSR process) will take and achieve faster FOC. You can see who a VPOP customer in PortControl is and if there is an interconnection agreement required (IXC). Using crowd sourced data, you will also be able to use the actions to request to trade with any party that you do not have an existing agreement with.

Over 200 Automated Pre-Order Service Providers and Counting!