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Vendor Port-Out Portal (VPOP)

Tired of Managing Your Port-Out Requests From Your Email Inbox?

Vendor Port-out Portal (VPOP) is a SaaS-based portal that PortControl clients can share with their local number porting vendors to manage all vendor ports through one unified dashboard.

VPOP allows for a streamlined review process, nearly eliminating the need for email notifications. With VPOP all or your vendor ports can be tracked in a single dashboard streaming the process, improving accountability and reducing frustration in the port-out process by eliminating emails.

With VPOP you now have access to the statistics needed to track lost business by requiring carriers to submit port-out requests through a managed, secure, and reliable SaaS platform… our new Vendor Port-Out Portal (VPOP) in PortControl.

When you enable VPOP, you’ll be able to:

  • Review all of your port-out requests in the same dashboard as your other orders.
  • Gain visibility and valuable statistics into your port-out activities.
  • Recieve notifications on incoming port-out requests.
  • Engage in a collaborative experience with your team, vendors, customers and external resources

Are you ready to save time, cut down on email, and streamline your entire porting process within one platform?

See How VPOP Works:

To Enable VPOP in Your Account, fill out this form…