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What Our Clients Say About PortControl Is What Really Matters

In a world quickly moving toward decentralized organizations and projects, our carrier-neutral business model already understands that the measure of greatness is defined by the community we serve.

Our journey becomes brighter with the voice of every new customer who joins us in making their mission our mission, the simplification of Local Number Porting, and Number Management.

Thank you for your participation, feedback, confidence, and trust, we are grateful to be at your service.

Mark Bilton-Smith, CEO ATL Communications, Inc.

Let Our Customers Tell You How We’ve Done

From the portal, to the customer service, to the API, is a breath of fresh air in our industry. We consider them to be one of our secret weapons and a key ingredient to our success

Chris Bardos, President, Skyetel

It’s just clean and easy to use with everything being in a single platform. We don’t have to try and remember to log in to all these different sites to manage and lookup numbers. The fact that we can just enter a TN directly into the portal and see all its history, who manages it, and create the port all within the same login is just great.”

Steve Starr, CEO, DayStarr Communications

The ability to see the history of a number and see where it was, then being able to port the number all in the same platform is one of the biggest benefits. The integration of all the functionality into one application is incredible too. It wasn’t one particular feature, but the fact that everything is in one dashboard.

Michael Crown, President & CEO, FracTEL

Going through versus NPAC [iconectiv] directly has cut our costs associated with local number porting in half. Plus, we no longer have to manage all the different connections to NPAC. We have a single login and access to our local number porting anywhere we want.

Jeff Crews, CEO, EONI

“Fast Fast Fast response with the correct and necessary solution. It would be unfair to expect any other porting toolbox supplier to exceed the trouble ticket processing achievements of my fanatical Client Success team at ATLC. It just can’t be done. They are simply the best in the field. To avoid a lot of frustration, their competitors should all just accept that they are competing for second place. First is already taken by ATLC.”

John Skaggs, Service & Support, Segra

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Our Products & Services Get Better When We Hear From Our Valued Customers
  • TrueCNAM
“Friends don’t let friends port the hard way!”
Jeff Crews
“I went from people not knowing how to do port-ins and port-outs in the old system to everybody being comfortable and knowing how to use it and being confident in it.”
Heather Heupel