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Let The LNP Pros at Show You A Better Way!

Still Porting Local Numbers Through The Low Tech Interface (LTI)?

Port your numbers With PortControl or let the professionals at handle it all for you.

PortControl puts you in complete control with an easy to use, fully supported, SaaS solution that you can log into and begin porting numbers more cheaply, easily and quickly than you ever imagined possible.

Looking for a solution provider to handle your Local Number Porting needs from end-to-end? has a team of highly motivated local number porting professionals on staff ready to handle all of you LNP needs.

See How PortControl Works

PortControl, brings enterprise level solutions and first class customer support to LNP departments regardless of the number of employees or number of transactions — five transactions per month or thousands per day — with PortControl you are in control of your companies LNP solutions. And unlike other solutions PortControl does not charge extra for additional user accounts (seats) add as many accounts as you need and enjoy ultimately flexibility.

Let The LNP Pros at Show You A Better Way!

With PortControl you can leave the 90s and all the emails behind, and gain access to modern technology that levels the playing field, unites an industry and simplifies the porting process.

  • Nearly eliminates the need for emails in the porting process.

  • Provides an LNP dashboard that keeps you informed on the status of each of your number ports.

  • Eliminates the monthly per user fee charged for the Low Tech Interface (LTI).

Are you ready to save time, cut down on email, and streamline your entire porting process within one platform?