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| Admin | debuts full-service local (CSR/LSR), toll-free, and international number porting management; PortControl SOA NPAC 5.0 certified

portcontrol logo, a Proxona brand, announced on Monday, August 10th, 2020 that they will be debuting an industry-first end-to-end porting solution for local, toll-free, and international phone numbers. Service providers (SPIDs), RespOrgs, and businesses that use wholesale telecom service providers for phone numbers will all be able to utilize the PortControl Orders service, and either receive porting requests directly or have Orders processed by the service bureau.

“We are responding directly to an industry demand to have porting-as-a-service. Having handle the complexities involved with porting – whether it be API integrations, fallout handling, or carrier escalations – gives businesses more time to focus on what matters to them most: their core products,” stated Alex Eastwood, Product Owner, when asked to comment on how these changes will impact the industry. “PortControl allows traditional carriers to ditch Excel files and emails for LSRs and gives companies the flexible power to assign tasks, manage notes, and see statuses of orders – all within one interface. Regardless of how many numbers companies are porting each month, we enable a smoother, more efficient porting experience for their customers.”

In addition to the upcoming service bureau offering,’s cloud-hosted PortControl SaaS platform has also become one of the first NPAC SOA providers in the U.S. to complete the necessary preparations and certification process for the upcoming update to NPAC version 5.0 offered by iconectiv in October 2020. This certification continues to illuminate’s future- and innovation-focused track record. In conjunction with’s service bureau and modern, simple to use APIs, customers should see vast improvements in speed and scalability using the PortControl number management SaaS platform.

“Our customers have already noticed a significant reduction in resources, great savings and staff affirmation of simplicity since debuting our PortControl platform earlier this year,” Mark Bilton-Smith, President of, commented when approached about the benefits of making the switch to He continued to say, “Being NPAC 5.0 certified in addition to offering a fully outsourced service bureau model in one platform, one bill, and from one support team – just makes sense.” looks forward to adding functionality that is not possible with current porting solutions (or is stuck behind high barriers of entry), including:

  • Ability to submit any local, toll-free, or international number for porting directly to a network (SPID/RespOrg) or to a wholesale account a company owns with another service provider.
  • Ability to add custom notes and view the history of a porting request, from start to finish.
  • Creating and assigning tasks to Users, including follow-up Activities and allowing Users to manage their own internal work queue.
  • Subscribing to notifications via webhook Events in order to get updates via Microsoft Teams or Slack with little to no development experience required.
  • Having numbers automatically activate to a company’s SPID at pre-determined times.
  • Ability to receive porting requests from any service provider in one central dashboard.
  • Anti-theft/slamming alerts to stop number fraud before it happens; LRN porting blacklist.
  • Subscribing to your choice of email, text, web hook and other notifications whenever a porting request is updated or received.

“We are providing a new, modern foundation for anyone that ports numbers – whether they are a small company that only ports one or two numbers a month, an over the top VoIP provider who wants control of their local numbers, or a large enterprise SaaS provider that uses telecommunications resources to build products and ports thousands of numbers per month,” stated Alex Eastwood. “ is the source of truth that businesses trust and rely upon to move numbers from one place to another.” is a leading SaaS provider of the PortControl number porting and management solution to carriers, operators, and enterprise businesses. has been at the forefront of telecom innovation, pioneering solutions for local, toll-free, and international number management, disaster recovery, least cost routing, real-time number data – simplifying the essential functions of these processes for businesses of all sizes. As the nation’s most trusted and experienced number management provider, strives to bring automation, control, visibility, and simplicity to complexities identified within industry-wide pain-points.

To learn more about, please visit or call 1-800-PORTING (1-800-767-8464).

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